Getting started with Shopify: A Tutorial

Posted by Thomas Holmes on

Today, I’ll share with you the first chapter of Shopify & You. The tutorial will help you get to know and be comfortable with the Shopify software. In fact, this first chapter covers everything you need to know to create a first basic store. It also introduces the software, known as the admin, which you’ll use to develop and run your store.

Whether you’ve already decided to use Shopify, would just like to try it out, or are still deciding which ecommerce platform to use, this tutorial will give you a great introduction to Shopify and an overview of all the main elements of the software.

This tutorial is in PDF format and is 6.3MB in size. This was published in 2016.

Click here to get started. Read the introduction if you like and
then scroll down to chapter 1 »

Feel free to download to your iPad or other device!

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