The new theme editor is now live

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Now available in the admin for all stores

Shopify announced that a new theme editor was in production early this year. Finally in the last few days, it has been pushed out to the admin for all stores.

For the moment, the main difference you will notice is that the theme settings are on the left-hand side rather than the right. And they're laid out differently from before.

Layout your home page using sections

The major improvement in the new theme editor however is the ability to create and manage sections for your home page. You can see this in action in the free Shopify themes. It does really make it simpler to add and organise the layout of your home page.

The theme developers now have until December to make all the themes compatible with sections. We should start to see these updates coming out very soon.

Shopify introduce it

Improved Theme Store too

The Theme Store has also had an update. It provides more ways into the themes, to help you find the theme you need. And the styles for each theme are now all accessible through the one theme page with one click.

You can read the full announcement here from Shopify.

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